What we do

Cohésis is an industrial design studio whose creativity is sprawling: in addition to designing a product, we eagerly get involved in any other aspect of the user experience to make it coherent. Thus, design of visual identity, spaces, communication tools and packaging is part of our offer, always in close connection with the essence of the product.

We also are technical allies. From preliminary design through production, our advanced command of modeling (CAD) softwares is integrated to the product development process. Our knowledge of manufacturing processes combined to our collaborative attitude towards the manufacturers leads to the optimization of the fabrication constraints.

The name of our studio reflects our belief that the coherence between the different aspects of a product and the cohesion among the people involved are the backbones of quality products.

Amiel Lapalme

Amiel Lapalme is the founder and chief designer of Cohesis Design. Amiel cumulates over a dozen years of industrial design experience as a consultant. He has been involved in an extensive variety of projects. He sketches, models and advises his clients with a technical yet sensitive approach. Amiel’s mastering of complex volumetrics, sound knowledge of manufacturing processes and dedication make him a truly valueable collaborator.